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Press Release: Evolution Hosting Announces Major Additions to J2EE™ hosting service Service

July 7, Boulder, CO - Evolution Hosting has announced today that it has integrated both the Orion and WebLogic J2EE application servers into its J2EE Hosting Web Service. The Evolution J2EE Web Service Engine fully automates all aspects of Java Applications deployed on the Internet including the setup and configuration of web servers, application servers, and database servers.

The comprehensive Web Service brings ease-of-administration to the highest levels with the myEvolution Hosting Control Center. myEvolution packages the expertise of system administrators, application developers, and database administrators into one easy-to-use interface. And by virtue of automating all infrastructure aspects, customers are empowered to scale their applications up or down at the press of a button.

Commenting on the recent integration of the Orion Application Server into the Web Service, Evolution CEO David Johnson stated: "Through the Ironflare partnership we have achieved for our customers an extremely high performance server offering at an excellent price-point. We have already begun enhancing the Orion integration with next-generation XML capabilties within myEvolution, and will continue to actively contribute to the Orion partnership."

The myEvolution Web Service Engine combines platform components, such as databases and application servers, from multiple vendors. Evolution customers can setup, select, and subsequently change vendors for their deployed J2EE application at any time via a standard Web browser. The Service Engine and vendor integration significantly reduce setup and maintainence costs for Java Applications deployed on the Internet.

About Evolution Hosting

As complex applications began to proliferate with the rise of the Internet, many organizations found the ongoing management and deployment of these systems prohibitive. Applications that previously only existed in large companies and private data centers became a standard cost of business to small organizations with limited IT budgets.

Evolution Hosting began building application management technologies around the Java platform beginning in 1999. Since that time, the myEvolution™ Hosting Control Center has grown in features and supported vendor platforms to become the leading management solution on the Java Hosting marketplace.

Currently, Evolution assists small and large companies, Java community sites, and individual developers in deploying their applications to the Internet. With distributed development teams on every continent using myEvolution on a daily basis to manage both small shared, and large dedicated environments, Evolution is proven technology.

Contact Evolution now to find out how your organization can benefit from Evolution hosting systems.

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