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BEA Systems

BEA Systems, Inc. is the E-Commerce Transactions Company powering many of the world's most innovative organizations. Companies such as, Federal Express, E*Trade, United Airlines, DIRECTV, Qwest, Nokia, and Kaiser Permanente rely upon BEA to deliver goods and services to their customers.

Evolution Team Members have been working with the BEA WebLogic Server since its 3.1 release in 1998. Additionally, Evolution holds a distinguished competency in the BEA WebLogic Personalization and Commerce Servers.

Evolution's CTO, Jason Westra, is considered one of the industries leading experts on the WebLogic line of products and he is currently the Editor-in-Chief of WebLogic Developer's Journal, collaborating with members of the BEA technology team on a regular basis.

Compoze Software

Compoze makes the Harmony J2EE Component Suite. Harmony includes components ranging from Customer Management to Web Based E-mail that are utilized individually or as a whole to create J2EE applications. The components are certified on a variety of vendor platforms and can be leveraged to create an quality application in a short timeframe.

TogetherSoft makes TogetherJ, the leading Java Software Modeling application. TogetherJ offers "Full-Roundtrip-Engineering," which is the ability to generate source code from diagrams, or diagrams from source code. TogetherJ has J2EE generation capabilities and can control basic server functions for leading application server platforms.

Ironflare is the company that created the Orion Server, one of the best performing and best priced J2EE Servers on the market today. Evolution has worked with Orion to provide an exclusive shared hosting offering, allowing organizations to start small and gradually grow into larger server environments.
The ServerSide

The ServerSide is a J2EE portal featuring cutting edge content, such as articles that compare application servers and advanced server-side design patterns. The portal also features forums, where developers can post messages and discuss any J2EE topic, allowing Enterprise Java developers to stay in touch with the Java community, network with industry experts, and share valuable design strategies.
Jive Software

Jive Forums is an open architecture, Java™ based discussion forum application. Already in use by thousands of organizations around the world, Jive Forums is the most flexible and reliable discussion forum softward on the market, and the only off-the-shelf application that can handle the heavy traffic of major sites.
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