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Shared Hosting

Evolution has developed the shared hosting of Java applications to a new level with the myEvolution Hosting Control Center. With myEvolution, account holders can increase and decrease account resources on an as-needed basis. This allows accounts to start small, only adding resources such as memory and disk space as they grow.

Shared hosting refers to the deployment of multiple applications to a single physical server. The ongoing mangement of these applications can become increasingly complex as accounts are added and software versions change. Evolution has simplified shared hosting account management so that underlying software and application updates are accomplished via automated processes. This differs from environments where manual installations and configuration settings are required for even the simplest changes. An example of automation within myEvolution is the ability to change an account's JDK version by selecting it from a drop-down list box - no configuration files or jar files must be modified or moved by the account holder.

Another benefit that account holders receive from the myEvolution environment is the ability to move accounts from one physical platform to another. Read more here .../more .

Shared Hosting prices can be checked via the .../Evolution Price Quote Page .

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